Sunday June 7th, 2015

Meet at Bidwell Park on Elmwood Ave near Cafe Aroma at 9am

OR meet us at Coffee Culture in Ellicottville, NY at 10am (ish).

We will car pool up to McCarty Hill State Forest and start our ride on Dead Dog Loop and decide our path from there.

The goal is to ride for 2 hours before heading back to Buffalo.

New Riders and Beginners welcomed and encouraged!


Lunch Time Reading

If you haven’t seen these blog posts, check them  out.

Self Deprecation and the Female Cyclist

Dig In: Being Honest About Your Strengths

When I read these two blogs last night, I quite literally fell to my knees, praising all the deities in my knowledge bank that someone was finally articulating these thoughts.  I don’t dare think what my upstairs neighbor thought as I quite loudly and ecstatically exclaimed “Yes! Yes! Yes!” over and over gain while pounding my fists.

I believe that the hardest part about being an athlete of any kind is the mental game, but for some reason, this seems to be even more so for the female athlete. Reading these two blogs was reading the transcript of my inner dialogue. For years I purposefully shied away from competition because before I even got to a starting line, or thought about a starting line  I convinced myself that I was going to be “too slow” or that “It’s going to be a hilly course and I just can’t climb” or “everyone else is in so much better shape than me, I need to lose 20lbs before I try that”.  And it wasn’t just competitions, I was turning myself away from casual rides with friends who I thought were “better than me”.  I have been creating self-fulfilling prophecies for myself before I ever even get on the saddle.  All of this contradictory to the confident persona I put forth in all other aspects of my day-to-day.

Going forward, I vow to start my rides with a run down of my strengths.  Training my brain may prove to be more difficult than training my body.

So before I hit the pavement with my road bike:

  • I’m a good bike handler
  • I have a fast sprint.
  • I am not the least afraid of downhills.

What are your strengths?


Please consider writing about your trail experiences or taking photos of your rides and sharing them with this group.

Did you have the MOST fun you’ve ever had? TELL US ABOUT IT.

Did you over come a gnarly climb and want to brag. TAKE A PICTURE AND SEND IT IN.

Please share your experiences so we can grow as a community of riders.  Entertain us with your story telling, wow us with your photos!

If you would like to contribute please Email Me your story or photos and I will post them.