For all the ladies in the Western NY area that love Mountain Biking or are curious about the sport, this was created just for you.

This group came about as an homage to a group I used to belong to that helped me on my journey to loving life on two wheels on the trails.   I have been toying with a mission statement and I think this simple statement sums up the goal I would like for this group.  It can evolve and change as we do.

“We are a group of women who like to come together to challenge ourselves, try new skills, ride bicycles in the dirt and do so in a casual and fun setting.  We value our earthly environment and the friends we make on and off the trails.  There are no heroes and no big attitudes in this group. We embrace all female-identified riders in an effort, not to exclude us from our male counter-parts, but to build a base of confidence and comradery in our riding.”

This site will keep track of our rides, events and blog contributions, check back often, guest write something spectacular, take lots of photos to share with the world!

***I’ve updated a calendar to your right to show ALL mountain bike related events I could find on the internet.  The majority are races, please don’t be turned off by that, as the season grows, we will add in our own rides to that calendar.***


Please join our Facebook Group  for last minute ride announcements, changes, gear talk and general happy banter.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Maureen
    Glad to have you! I’m sure our rides will take us south as there are only so many trails in the area, we’ll get down that way too. It would be great to someday start both MBFD-Buffalo and MBFD-Southtowns chapters!


    • Thanks Val. I am more than happy to help this group be active. One friend of mine joined too. We bike the Harris Hill Extension trails (on Harris Hill Road Gerry, NY). Buffalo riders would take I-90 to Fredonia. Exit 59- Left on Rt 60. Stay on that road until you reach Gerry, Ny (Country Fair at the intersection). you are only 1- 2 minutes from the trails….they are WONDERFUL! HOPE to see a group down here. I live very close so it is easy for me.

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